Tuesday, September 27, 2016

American Coach Airport Transportation Service

American Coach Limousine is happy to annouce that we provide Airport Car Service now at these locations:
New York
and Denver--our Main Office.

24 hours Reservations is available. Books your short trips as wells as Airport Transfer in advance. Set up your Corporate Rates with us, depending how much you travel and we can offer you discounted rates.

best way to get info on corporate rates is by reaching our sales mgr at aj@americancoach.limo or if you need instant reservations email us at reservations@americancoach.limo

we offer Sedan, SUV, Stretch Limo, Sprinter, Mini Bus, and regular size bus service on all these locations.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Messege from our CEO

We can all coexist if we want to , cuz we are all human beings in the end. Regardless what color of our skin is,but we bleed only red, we all have one heart two arms , 2 legs u get the point then why we can live peacefully. In order for our human race to excel we have to work together as one human race and leave these pity issues of our color race n religion on the side. Our politicians make too much fuss any these issues to get the ratings n all that but nobody want to live in the constant stage of fear n anger, we all want to live in peace n harmony n advancing society. I utmostly believe we can work n coexist together if we want to. 
So please look on the brighter side n always try to find positive in others. Of course you will get some rotten apples on ur way but few apples cannot represent the entire meadow. We can just put those few rotten apples in the garbage n look at the bigger picture n will see how beautiful that is. 
I believe we can co exist together. Every human being want to live a peaceful life with the exception of few.